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MOKHTARI Karima khadija
Laboratoire des Architectures parallèles, Embarquées et Calcul Intensif - LAPECI
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Article 03 :Année de publication 2012
Titre Timed privacy-aware business protocols
Revue, référence International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 85–109
Autres auteurs KARIMA MOKHTARI
Mots Clefs Privacy, web services, business protocols, timed automata
   Web services privacy issues have been attracting more and more attention in the past years. Since the number of Web services-based business applications is increasing, the demands for privacy enhancing technologies for Web services will also be increasing in the future. In this paper, we investigate an extension of business protocols, i.e. The specification of which message exchange sequences are supported by the web service, in order to accommodate privacy aspects and time-related properties. For this purpose we introduce the notion of Timed Privacy-aware Business Protocols (TPBPs). We also discuss TPBP properties can be checked and we describe their verification process.
Article 02 :Année de publication 2009
Titre Privacy Time-related Analysis in Business Protocols
Revue, référence IEEE International Conference on Web services, , ISBN: 978-0-7695-3709-2
Autres auteurs Karima Mokhtari
salima Benbernou
Mohsen Rouached
said Hacid
Franck Leyman
Mots Clefs
   Résumé (Abstract) To automate the analysis of service descriptions, [?] proposed a simple and expressive business protocol model (the specification of possible message exchange sequences) based on state machines, supporting rich timing constraints. Furthermore, developers of client applications need to be aware not only of functional aspects but also of non-functional aspects including privacy. In fact, the major concerns of a client are the disclosure of its personnel data conveyed during the message exchange. The aim of the paper is to study the ability of business protocol to handle the privacy and its time- related properties.
Article 01 :Année de publication 2008
Titre Verification of Privacy Timed Properties in Web Service Protocols
Revue, référence IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, Vol 2, ISBN : 978-0-7695-3283-7.
Autres auteurs S. Benbernou
M. said
E. Coquery
M.S. Hacid
F. Leymann
Mots Clefs
   In this work we propose an approach for verifying privacy timed-related properties of web service protocol. While in [2] the addressed problem in business protocols is focused on the analysis and management of functional requirements that support rich timing constraints, our approach extends the previous results to capture the timed behavior of privacy constraints. Hence, we provide a model called Timed Private Business Protocol T PBP. Next, we emphasize the timed properties related to privacy in T PBP. Finally, we present the different types of timed property verification to achieve upon the timed private business protocol

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